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Donington Park Novice Only 12th August 2024

Donington Park Novice Only 12th August 2024


The Yamaha Track Experience novice only day.


These 'novice only' days, are specifically aimed at beginner or novice riders. Because there are no 'higher' groups, the days tend to be more relaxed. A fantastic opportunity for the less experienced track rider, to ride the Donington Park circuit on the latest Yamaha bikes, with the UK's premier track day experience providers.

With a comprehensive fleet of bikes, including the R7, XSR900 GP, and R1, our industry leading track day package takes care of everything for you, a complete 'arrive and ride' service. The Yamaha Track Experience is a complete package, including the track day, fully supported bike hire, riding equipment if needed, and professional staff to make sure your day runs smoothly. Refreshments are provided throughout the day, and there is a restaurant on site for lunch etc.


Included in this package:


  • Up to seven 15 - 20 minute track sessions
  • The latest Yamaha bike
  • Riding eqipment if needed, helmet, leathers, boots, and gloves
  • Full pit crew style support, all you do is ride, be Fabio for the day!
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